I recently noticed something interesting about the guys that sit in my barber chair. From the ten year old baseball player to the sixty year old plant worker, they all seem to have one request in common. They want a haircut that is low maintenance.

The fact is the majority of guys do not like to spend much time or effort on their hair. With all the things that demand the focus and attention of the modern man, styling one's hair often becomes a necessary evil instead of a method to enhance overall appearance and help build confidence. And then there is the flooded market of men’s hair products, each claiming to be better than their competitors. What starts as a quick trip down the men’s grooming aisle of your local grocery store can easily become an overwhelming experience. 

If you are anything like me, you are looking for a quick and easy way to shorten your morning routine while enjoying a natural looking hairstyle that will actually make it through the whole day.

A friend of mine recommended wax powder and gave me the rest of his bottle to try. I had seen a few social media ads on it before. The barber would sprinkle this white powder on the clients hair and then vigorously run his fingers through it and, voilà, in seconds the client has a perfectly texturized hair style. I figured it was too good to be true, until I tried it for myself.

This stuff is the real deal.

How to style with wax powder:

 - Shake directly onto dry hair.

 - Work into hair with fingers down to the roots.

 - Shape to your liking.

I like to use a little hair spray at the end to seal it in but not enough to change the consistency of the hair. You can also sprinkle the powder into your palm and rub your hands together before applying, melting the powder into a more liquid form for a different look. This product is great for any dry fixed hair style. It gives a medium hold while still allowing the hair to remain flexible making it very easy to restyle with your hands throughout the day. It is also easy to wash out with a quick shampoo. I highly recommend Matte Texture Powder by REUZEL which I use personally as well as on my clients in the barbershop.

Wax powder is the perfect addition to any Reformed Man's styling routine.


Rob is a Barber and Co-Founder of Reformed Man as well as a worship leader at Community Baptist Church in Victoria, Tx. He is married with nine children. That is not a typo.