Reformed Man is an idea started by two friends looking to go into business together in one of the oldest professions in history, barbering.

The local barber has always held a unique place in society. While their primary function was offering a service to their clients, what kept those clients coming back is what barbers have come to be known for; conversation and camaraderie. But in our modern, fast paced world of instant gratification, this rich pastime seems largely lost.

Restoring this client-barber relationship is at the heart of our business. We want to help men “reform” their appearance while building long term relationships that keep our clients coming back. But Reformed Man also carries a deeper meaning.

Over 500 years ago, a man nailed a document to the door of his church that challenged cultural error and sparked a reformation back to the truths found in the Word of God.

Our goal with Reformed Man is not simply to offer a great haircut with great service for a great price. We want to challenge our fellow men to “always be reforming” the whole man. Body and Spirit.

Semper Reformanda.